Andrew Bridgen Expelled From Conservative Party After Raising Concerns About Covid Vaccine Harms

Andrew Bridgen has been expelled from the Conservative Party after raising concerns about Covid vaccine harms. You don't have to
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Australia Ignores Growing Evidence of Harm to Grant Full Approval to Moderna mRNA Vaccine

Australia has ignored the growing evidence of harm from mRNA vaccines to grant full approval to Moderna's Covid vaccine as
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FDA Adviser Inadvertently Confirms Pfizer is Doing Gain-of-Function Research

Pfizer has denied doing gain-of-function research but also said it was engineering the virus to express variant spike proteins. Now
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How the Unvaccinated Got It Right

Whatever the risks associated with a Covid infection on the one hand, and the 'vaccine' on the other, the vaccination policy
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The JCVI is Right to Withdraw Boosters for Under-50s, But It’s Still Spinning the Stats

While it's welcome that the JCVI has finally ended boosters for under-50s, the data the decision is based on are
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MIT Expert on Drug Safety Calls for Immediate Withdrawal of mRNA Vaccines: “Clearly the Most

Covid mRNA vaccines are "clearly the most failing medical product in history" and should be withdrawn immediately as they cause
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