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Crypto Labor Market Trends Don’t Echo Traditional Tech, Hiring Experts Say

From “quiet layoffs” to “wildcat firms,” the working class of Web3 is undergoing a major shift.
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‘NFT Art Is Fairly Silly’ Says Casa CTO Jameson Lopp on Bitcoin Ordinals Rise

The rise of Bitcoin NFTs has sparked new outrage within the maximalist community. But for Casa’s CTO it’s time to
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How the Coinbase Insider Trading Case Will Change Crypto

Former Coinbase product manager Ishan Wahi pleading guilty to criminal charges has raised the stakes—but the ongoing SEC lawsuit could
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Was the MetaBirkin Verdict Bad for NFTs, or Just for Knockoffs?

Much was made of Hermès’ victory Wednesday in the first-ever trademark case involving NFTs. Should NFT artists be worried?
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Aptos Plans Network Upgrade, ‘More Clarity’ Around Token Distribution

Aptos hopes to "provide a little bit more clarity and more details behind the principles" of the cryptocurrency's tokenomics, says
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